Family in Sintra

Take an idyllic family outing in Sintra

Family outings in Sintra, in an idyllic place located in the heart of Sintra, being part of the sumptuous scenery that made the village famous as the world capital of Romanticism.
Built during the last decades of the 19th century, the monument was designed by the virtuoso architect José Luiz Monteiro, and decorated by the best artists of the time, namely Luigi Manini and Leandro de Souza Braga, among others. The wealth of stylistic influences that it denotes results in a set of great historical and artistic importance, perfectly integrated into the Romantic spirit of the landscape in which it is inserted, at the same time that it asserts itself as one of the greatest exponents of modernity at the end of the century, marked by a avant-garde functionalism, and the boldness of its decorative program.
The Palace is surrounded by the majestic Biester Park, a veritable Eden of rare and exuberant tree species, masterfully designed by the French landscaper François Nogré, in which fresh and green areas and water courses abound, further favored by the existence of two magnificent viewpoints, from where you can see the Castelo dos Mouros, or get a breathtaking view of the sea.
But the Biester universe is much more than meets the eye, with a history full of secrets, and a mysterious and captivating spiritual dimension. All the events that gave rise to its construction, in particular the Chapel and the Library, are covered with a deep and complex mysticism, where art and religion meet, in a singular and unexpected way, in a path that is built through themes as intriguing as the Knights Templar, Rome and Christianity, or even through esoteric connections to the spheres of Occultism. More than a historical monument, the Biester Palace is a mysterious adventure in a fascinating and little explored cultural labyrinth – let's discover it.

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