Palace in Sintra

Biester Palace is located in the heart of Sintra, is one of the best Palace in Sintra, being a part of the lavish scenic landscape which enabled the village to become the famous world capital of Romanticism.
Erected in the last decades of the 19th century, the building was designed by virtuous architect José Luiz Monteiro, and decorated by the best artists of the period, namely Luigi Manini and Leandro de Souza Braga, amongst others. The wealth of stylistic influences it exhibits results in a whole of great historical and artistic importance, perfectly merging with the Romantic spirit of the surrounding landscape, whilst simultaneously asserting as a great expression of late century modernity, highlighted by  a leading functional approach, and by the audacity of its decorative programme. 
The Palace is surrounded by the majestic Biester Park, a true Eden of rare and exuberant arboreal species, brilliantly conceived by French landscapist François Nogré, in which the dewy verdant areas and watercourses flourish, moreover favoured by the existence of two magnificent viewpoints from where it is possible to sight the Moors Castle, or enjoy a stunning view all the way through to the sea.
But Biester universe is much more than the eyes can reach, with a history full of secrets, and a mysterious, captivating spiritual dimension. All the events conducting to its edification, especially of the Chapel and the Library, are enclosed in intricate and profound mysticism, where art and religion meet in most peculiar and unexpected ways, constructing a path with themes as intriguing as the Knights Templar, Rome and Christendom, or even through esoteric connections to the spheres of Occultism. More than an historical monument, Biester Palace is a mysterious adventure in a fascinating and little explored cultural labyrinth – let us discover it. 

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